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DOT Inspections

Frey & Son Automotive DOT Inspections

Frey & Son Automotive is an official site for DOT inspections. The Department of Transportation requires commercial motor vehicles (CMV) weighing over 10,000 lbs to pass, at minimum, one annual vehicle inspection performed by a certified inspector or state police officer. The purpose of the inspection is to improve safety by checking that commercial vehicles are in proper working condition.

If your truck operates in Michigan and requires inspection, schedule an appointment today.

We serve Napoleon, MI, Leoni, MI, Brooklyn, MI, and surrounding areas.

Six-Levels of Inspection

There are six types of DOT inspections. Which level of inspection you'll be required to take is randomized. Below is a summary of the procedures each level involves.

    Level I: North American Standard Inspection: This level is thorough, requiring an inspection of driver documents in addition to commercial vehicle parts. During a Level 1 Inspection, a qualified inspector will review documents including your CDL, medical certificate, hours of service, inspection reports, etc. In addition, the inspector will check various parts and systems of your vehicle, including: brakes, coupling devices, suspension, lights, and other areas important for safe operation.

    Level II: Walk Around/Vehicle Inspection: This inspection is nearly identical to a Level I Inspection. The difference with a Level II Inspection is that the inspector does not check underneath the vehicle.

    Level III: Driver Only Inspection: A Level III Inspection is focused solely on driver documentation. The inspector will review the driver's license, medical cards, prior inspection report, driver's daily log, incident report, and other, relevant documents.

    Level IV: Special Inspection: This inspection is performed on a specified feature of the vehicle. It may be required after a research study is published or if there is a suspected fault on the vehicle.

    Level V: Vehicle Only Inspection: This inspection involves a complete check of the vehicle, without the need for the driver to be present. In this way, it is almost identical to a Level I inspection.

    Level VI: Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments: This is a specialized inspection for commercial vehicles transporting radioactive material, medical waste, and hazardous material. A Level VI Inspection includes an enhanced version of a Level I Inspection, with emphasis on the radiological shipment.

Frey & Son Automotive is ready to perform your DOT Inspection. A qualified inspector will check your CMV to ensure it's road legal and meets the necessary criteria. Contact us to learn more and schedule an inspection for your vehicle.

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